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With more than two decades on dancefloors around the globe, brothers and Djs Gui Issa and Marcelo Bocca have decided to merge their individual experiences in a joint live performance, something Djs usually call a “back 2 back”.


This is how bro2bro was born.


London Natural History Museum


“We've been on this musical journey for just one reason; to provide memorable experiences through our music.”


The duo has performed in more than 10 countries, including nightlife temples such as New York, San Francisco, Paris, Palma de Mallorca, London, Munich, Tallinn, Singapore, Phuket, among many others.





As an official partner of Constance Zahn, the most exclusive wedding publisher in Brazil, bro2bro has been requested for weddings across the country and abroad, having performed in more than 300 events throughout their career.



Exclusively for weddings, bro2bro offers a unique service, whereby bride and groom choose their favorite song and the duo creates a personalized remix to be played on the big day.


Click on the link to check an exclusive wedding remix.

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To celebrate this 5-year partnership, bro2bro is featured in the latest issue of Constance Zahn Magazine.



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Follow some of the duo's exclusive articles on the CZ portal.


Mural dos clientes

Um pouco do carinho que recebemos de alguns clientes depois da noite tão especial.


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