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EXCLUSIVE - bro2bro
O mais novo lançamento do bro2bro. Essa música de Vibe inconfundível merecia uma roupagem mais eletrônica e um toque final dos irmãos. Ela foi 100% reconstruída nos elementos tendo apenas o vocal original preservado. Assista a construção dela no Instagram do bro2bro:

Vale lembrar que ela também está disponível para download na versão extended no Soundcloud.
Bro2bro's latest remix of this 2006 classic, Re-Hab combines modern elements with the essence of the original song. Click here and check it out on all music platforms. 
This anthem couldn't go unnoticed without a bro2bro remix. This song became synonym of people singing along and having great times. Extended version also available for download on our Soundcloud profile.
We pitched to Brazilian artist Guilherme Arantes the idea of producing a revamped version of Lindo Balão Azul, as a tribute to celebrate the 40th year of its original composition. Having received official authorization from the artist, we faced the challenge of rebuilding the music without losing the essence of its melody.

Watch the message from the original author, Guilherme Arantes:
Another result of this personalized service we offer for the bride and groom. In this case, a couple of Lana Del Rey fans chose this song to be recreated. The result was a success, and we are thrilled to share it with you all.
There was a poll on Constance Zahn's Instagram profile in which brides voted for their top wedding entrance song. The winner was Queen’s I Was Born to Love You, and we made a remix out of it.
Check it out!
This is a super emotional song we love from Bon Iver. The original song was completely recreated by us and we named it after our longtime assistant. Clara is available on all music platforms for you to add to your beach vibes playlist.
Anchor 2
A song for those who like to hit the road and travel in space and time. Back Home was produced from scratch during the pandemic, and it expresses feelings of comfort and belonging.
Watch Marcelo's testimony about the construction of the melody:
Specially designed to rock the dance floor at weddings. It's a super contagious song, full of positive energy, that we've always played, but we still hadn't found a version for that peak moment of the track. We offer this type of service for newlyweds: every couple has a special song, which doesn't always work for the wedding party. We love it when they give us the freedom to customize it into a unique version made for their wedding.
Because we play at lot at beach parties, we decided to produce 'The One', a tropical house with a ‘Trancoso’ vibe. The song has already surpassed 300,000 plays on Spotify.
We think everyone in Brazil has heard “Eva” in the voice of Ivete Sangalo late at night, alongside friends and family at a wedding, right? This encouraged us to create our own version of the song. Our desire was to redesign it, record new vocals and make it work not only for warmup but also for the peak time.

watch the clip
Europe Summer Sessions 23
Saiu do forno o nosso tradicional Europe Summer Sessions 23. Todo ano quando voltamos da temporada do verão europeu, gravamos um set super especial com as melhores e as que mais bombaram por lá. Esse ano são 2 sets: Afro Vibes e Melodic Vibes.
Aproveite sem moderação! 
BR Summer Sessions 23
Our traditional compilation with the best songs of the year 2022 came out of the oven. Recorded in partnership with our friend Digs, Brazil Summer Sessions 2023 comes in 4 mixed sets, embracing genres like Tropical House, Afro House, Indie/Disco and Deep House. 7 hours of good music with exclusive bro2bro songs and remixes. Enjoy without moderation!
Europe Summer Sessions 22
This year our Europe Summer Sessions 22 comes in 3 different sets, inspired by our 3 gigs in France that rocked the Summer in Europe Enjoy without moderation!
Sexy Indie Vol. 1,2 & 3
Sexy Indie is a non-stop mixed collection for that special date on a Friday or Saturday night, not to mention it also works perfectly to spice up an anniversary dinner.
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